ODI HD Dental Sensor Size 2

At ODI Technologies, we have come up with another revolutionary dental X-ray device in India through USB sensor. This is one of the finest technologies from Japan brought in by us with the intention to provide the complete digital radiology solution to global dental communities. USB Sensor is the state-of-art technology of ODI technologies launched to enhance the proficiency and skills of dental professionals internationally. Our qualified researchers and engineers are sincerely working in the direction to bring more and more quality dental X-ray products for the easy and faster diagnosis of a wide range of dental issues.

ODI technologies are aimed at setting new trends in dentistry by launching technically strong and quality dental imaging products. In this context, we have collaboration with many international organizations that are extending quality support for achieving the goal. We have the visionary to bring innovative digital radiology equipment.

With this ideology, ODI technologies are moving ahead in the mission by utilizing entire resources and infrastructure so that we cross entire hurdle to achieve the goal. USB sensor is one of our latest innovations in RVG sensors in India which have come up so many in built facilities and extraordinary technical specifications. With many excellent features, our dental sensor is providing huge facility in its operation and also offering an ease in capturing quality images of oral areas.

Our dental sensors are holding best technical specifications so that they are serving brilliant results and huge comfort to the dental professionals. Some of quality features of USB sensors are highlighted below that would certainly leave you amazed by its quality output.


  • USB dental sensor utilizes the cutting-edge CMOS APS sensor technology
  • Owing to the excellent resolution of more than 20 lp/mm, our dental sensors are offering high-performance and crystal clear images.
  • USB Sensor is the latest paradigm shift in the dental sensing devices.
  • This is one of best dental sensing devices offers direct plug & play facilities for its utilization. The anatomical design of our dental sensors with round edges is relieving patient during oral imaging process.

Our dental sensors have successfully passed below mentioned tests which are certifying the durability, reliance and fitness of our dental sensor under certain conditions.


Our dental sensor is drop tested from a height of 2.5 Feet. It is found fit for no mechanical damage when dropped from the said height. Hence, our dental sensor ensures complete reliability with almost no mechanical damage.


Secondly, our dental sensor is water resistant. The test was carried out by dipping the sensor head in alcohol for consecutive 3 days. During examination, on 3rd day, our dental sensor had no detrimental effect of any kind on its head. Hence, it is proved water resistance.


  • This is finest portable X-ray dental sensors having Hi-Speed USB 2.0 connectivity.
  • Our dental sensor is having less power consumption

Excellent device for treating patients: Our high speed dental sensor relieves patient from uneasiness and discomfort occurs during dental imaging activity. It allows dental professionals and radiologists to complete the imaging process with ease.

Today, ODI technologies have become the pioneer company in India for dental X-ray products which is mainly engaged in the manufacture, supply and distribution of RVG sensors in India. In cases, you have any inquiry regarding our dental sensors or interesting in having demo of our products then please mail us at dental@giindia.com.