Your equipment is a major investment, so you want to handshake, a look in the eye, and a few words with someone who speaks your language. That’s where our local dealer comes in. They deliver our products, solution, and expertise. They know more about local market even more about you, than we ever could. We trust them to provide the customer service that sets us apart from the competition.
Need advice on selecting or using ODI product? Want to know if it makes economic sense to replace a product? What about financing, training, or maintenance and repair options? There are question our local dealer can answer.

Our local dealer

  • knows your clinic and what ODI product can do
  • arrange our financing and insurance
  • provide service and support after the sale
  • Nearly always has any replacement part you’d need on hand.

We’ve been developing our dealer relationship over decades, and we trust the most important aspects of our business.
Quite frankly, we couldn’t do this with them. And we’re not about to